Dental Lab

Quality control is paramount when allowing an outside lab to help us with making your crowns. Several things make Dr. Herring’s lab processes unique.

Dr. Herring uses a small lab to help him with fabricating crowns. Dr. Herring personally knows the face and hands of the technician that will be crafting your final restorations. Our lab technician has 30 years of experience in fabricating crowns and cares greatly for the quality of his work. He knows dental anatomy and occlusion, and he is very able to transfer that knowledge into beautiful dentistry.

Midway through the process of making each crown, the lab returns the case to us so that Dr. Herring can personally check the quality of the case and "trim the die", or define accurately where the edge of your crown will be located. This extra step gives Dr. Herring much better control of the quality of his cases. The case is then returned to the lab for completion.

Each case returned from the lab is carefully checked for fit, contour and shade before our patient ever arrives at the office.

Please see examples of our restorative work on the Restoration Before and After Photos page of this website.